Warehouse materials – storage technology

AFT International uses modular REGI storage technology. This provides plenty of freedom in terms of storage capacity and flexibility. Combine different compartment layouts in different sizes and shapes, such as honeycomb compartments, vertical dividers or large shelves for sheet materials.

Safety cabinets

There are many hazardous substances used for product processing in both orthopaedic shoe technology and technical orthopaedics. This is why a safe place to store those combustible substances or chemicals is a must. Our AFT International safety cabinets comply with the EN 14470-1 standard. In the event of a fire, they close automatically and keep hazardous substances safe for 90 minutes. There is also an option for connection to technical ventilation. This will ensure all your employees are protected against any danger. Of course, our cabinets are available in different sizes and sizes.

Assembly workstation

Are you looking for an assembly table that has everything within reach and at the right height? AFT International can optimise your workplace. Our assembly tables are efficient and ergonomic, and therefore promote the productivity and health of your employees.

Cutting tables

Every orthopaedic workshop has cutting tables used for cutting sheet materials. These tables often occupy considerable space. This is why AFT International has optimised cutting tables for your workplace. Our cutting tables have pull-out drawers or additional storage and sorting areas. This helps optimal use to be made of every room.
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