Construction of orthotics

Produce high-quality functional soles thanks to AFT International. We can provide you with the best products, from sheet material to glues and solvents.

Covering material

Are you looking for a synthetic, EVA or leather covering for your soles? Our wide range means you can cover all your soles according to your wishes. Choose your finishing touch here.

Upper structure and correction materials

Our EVA and cork products are solid, durable materials and available in various thicknesses and colours. Depending on the desired result, choose from different types of flexibility and hardness.

Technical materials

Custom shock absorbing, diabetic or dynamic materials. AFT International has it all. We are also the exclusive distributor for PPT in Europe.

Stiffening materials

With flexible and rigid components available, AFT International has the right stiffening materials to reinforce your sole.

Support elements

You can contact AFT International for heel cushions, hollow supports and other support elements for the perfect finishing of orthotics.

Lower structure materials

At AFT International, you can choose between various structures, thicknesses and styles for the bottom of your soles.

Sole materials

A durable sole is the basis of a high-quality functional sole.

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