Semi-finished products

Our semi-finished products are saviours when it comes to any foot complaint. They are made with the best materials and detailed craftsmanship. Choose from a wide range and then process these basic products how you like. This will save you considerable time and costs.


Relieving and correcting Plantar Fasciitis is not something easily achieved. This is why our semi-finished products have a filled fascia groove. This in combination with high-quality materials ensures optimal relief of the plantar fascia far beyond the foot length.

D3D: Dynamic 3-Dimensional

D3D insoles, or Dynamic 3-Dimensional insoles, are pressed semi-finished insoles based on 10,000 foot scans and analyses. Moreover, there are several options in terms of materials and construction. They are the ideal insoles for both top athletes and for normal use.


The name says it all: elegant semi-finished products. These are great soles with a harder core that are ideal for classic shoes. These orthotics are based on the Dynamic 3-Dimensional standard. You can choose between different colours, fabrics and materials.


Do you want a machined semi-finished product? We can supply these as well. We will use our machines to mill various materials, such as impulCork or Evacad, into the correct shape for these orthotics. Discuss your ideal sole with our representative and we will mill your semi-finished product.


Eco-Elegant goes a step further than our Elegant semi-finished products. These orthotics may be thinner, but they are very durable. We have the starlook, carbonlook, antislip and full heel designs.


Semi-finished products providing arch support for crooked feet and flat feet. Birko prefabricated soles are available in different lengths and widths and can be used in a variety of applications. A wide selection of materials and covers enables individual patient care.

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