Patient applications

Walkways and test platforms

The aim of AFT International is to improve the quality of life for every individual. This is why we believe the production of walking frames and test platforms is very important. They are equipped to provide your patients with all the assurances they need while taking their first steps during rehabilitation. Our range goes from a simple, wall-mounted handrail to a 6 metres test platform with steps.


Chairs may not seem to be the most important elements in your practice. Nevertheless, they make a huge contribution to making a first impression. The first place your patients will see is the waiting room or examination room. A good chair will ensure your patients can comfortably wait for their tests or results. Moreover, AFT International is very flexible in the production and finishing of your chairs.

Reclining chairs

AFT International has a wide range of both simple and electrically operated therapy and examination benches. Every product is available in different sizes, colours and designs. Some are suitable for Trendelenburg patient positioning, or are additionally equipped with a kyphosis setting.

Customised chairs and platforms

Provide your patient with the necessary assurance thanks to our (measuring) chairs, pedestals and therapeutic platforms. Everything is custom made. For example, our chairs are available with hydraulic or electrical height adjustment and can be combined with test platforms. AFT International also makes the expansion of your current therapeutic platforms to a larger track possible.

We also offer special training courses to ensure optimal use of our floor and walking bars. This will ensure you can correctly use the products for different treatments  therapies.

Educational models

AFT International offers a wide range of anatomical models. These are ideal for the workplace or classroom. Each part of the body is available as a wall map in five different languages.

Silicone Workstation

The use of silicone raw materials is indispensable in orthopaedics. This product is skin-friendly, liquid, thin, easily adaptable and colourfast. Our silicone rollers help you process any silicone material into a sustainable end product. In addition, we also have an extensive range of tools for machining plaster models and silicones.

Fume extraction

Some processes, such as welding, inevitably produce fumes. Not only is this unpleasant for your employees due to the odour, it is also a potential health risk. AFT International can solve this for you with its variety of special smoke extraction units. Whether it is to be mounted on the wall or mobile – we’ll find the right equipment for you.

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