Sheet material for all types of protheses

Today, prostheses are highly functional and custom-made, offering patients a higher quality of life. The types of prostheses differ depending on the area of ​​application, and they serve to replace a part of the body.

At AFT International you will find a wide range of plate materials for the production of all types of dentures. With our thermoplastics you can realize almost any care and comfort for your patient, especially arm and leg prostheses.

We guarantee you high-quality sheet material for both test sockets and the production of definitive dentures.


We have two types of thermoplastics for the test tubes. Our PETG is a crystal clear product that makes pressure points on the skin immediately visible during the fitting. This allows optimal adaptation to the patient’s anatomy. Our STIFF sheet material is a blue transparent product and can easily identify pressure points. If the prosthesis has to be worn for a number of hours/days during the test phase, this plate material is the right choice.

Production of prostheses

The final prosthesis is produced on the basis of the test socket. AFT International offers 4 different materials for this production. The Evaflex and super Evaflex are characterized by good flexibility. The material is used for the production of flexible inner tubes. The Silicosoft is a combination of ethyl vinyl acetate with silicone components, which makes the flexibility extremely high and the material feels very soft. The silicone provides a better bond between the socket and the patient’s limbs. The Soft Ion is a thermoplastic that contains the special properties of an ionic bond. The ionomer plate has only limited flexibility. Soft ion is used for the production of partially flexible inner tubes or unbreakable face masks. The PE-C black is a combination of polyethylene with the special properties of copolymer. The copolymer makes the plate very soft and flexible. These properties are comparable to those of the Super Evaflex. In addition, the PE-C Black is 8% lighter than comparable materials and thus also increases wearing comfort.

Pad material

At AFT International you can choose from a wide range of thermoformable padding materials for the manufacture of orthoses and prostheses. We have the right type of padding for every application. Our padding materials offer optimum support and excellent comfort.


Covering material

Laminating fabric and transfer paper

At AFT you will find two types of covering material for personalizing the orthosis or prosthesis in no fewer than 93 different patterns. There is a suitable motive for every patient.

Our laminating fabric is made of polyester with elastane components. Special properties of this material are flexibility and deformability. Due to the flexibility, the color penetrates deeply into the fabric during the production process with resin technology.

In addition, AFT also offers transfer paper, also known as transfer paper. The great advantage of this stable printed paper is that you can easily adapt an orthosis or prosthesis to the patient’s taste. The first step is to heat the plastic sheet. After the plate has fully heated up, remove it from the oven and place the transfer paper on top. Press down on the transfer paper and reheat it. The heat transfers the color from the transfer paper to the plate. Remove the transfer paper and you’re done!

Laminating fabrics

Transfer paper

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