The 5 most popular upholstery materials


The 5 most popular upholstery materials

With the launch of our latest trend, Bamboo, it was time to see which upholstery fabrics are the most popular for you. What we can conclude from the sales figures is that our Thermytex is the most loved by our customers. This year we are launching a more luxurious variant called Thermylux. A real topper that is expected to soon be our new leader (next to the new bamboo)! Discover your favorites and their unique properties quickly.

The 5 most popular upholstery materials
The 5 most popular upholstery materials

1.Thermytex (Onsteam)

The most popular for years and rightly our number 1. The upholstery material has the look and feel of leather, but with the quality of 100% breathable microfiber. One of its best characteristic features is, among other things, a very high absorbency (ideal for athletes or heavy sweaters). The Thermytex upholstery fabric is hyperallergenic, thermo-regulating, breathable and durable. In addition, it is also easy to glue with our own Extrafix rapid, Extrafix slow or our brand new spray adhesive Durospray. It does not crumble or lose its quality during sanding. Available in different colours, smooth or perforated, in sheet or mini roll.

We also created some laminates to save our customers time and glue. For example, we combine our Thermytex with the one and only PPT on the market (we are the exclusive distributor). The PPT is roughened, which ensures better or easier gluing.

In our range we offer various technical materials such as elastoflex, highflex and impuflex. Here too we designed combinations with our thermytex, smooth or perforated.


EVA is a thermoformable material that can be used for various purposes in orthopaedics, podiatry and podiatry. It is extremely suitable for covering functional soles thanks to its good damping effect. EVA is available in different hardnesses, thicknesses and many different colours. The different possibilities and diversity is the reason why EVA is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics in our industry worldwide. The only drawback is that, unlike our synthetic upholstery fabrics, EVA does not absorb moisture. Eva is thermoformable, washable, user-friendly and easy to sand.

3.Suetex – Letex

Suetex, the name immediately reveals its look. This Alcantara covering material has a suede look, which gives the arch supports a very stylish finish. It is washable, colourfast and, due to its permeable properties, it offers enormous comfort for the patient. The material does not slide, making it very resistant to rubbing, making it ideal for patients with sensitive soles of the feet.

Letex is an upholstery fabric based on woven cotton. This material is also washable, colourfast, air-permeable and moisture-absorbent. It is slightly thicker than the other covering materials, making it more resistant to high loads, making it ideal for sports soles.

4.Neosport – Artex

These two cover fabrics are ideal for patients who are intensively involved in sports. Artex is a covering material with a honeycomb profile that is ideal for sports and high-performance purposes. The material contains two layers. The black underside is a polyurethane foam made entirely from recycled materials. The strong blue cover layer is extremely wear and tear resistant, has a high moisture absorption and is thermo-regulating. This prevents unwanted odors. It is available per sheet or per mini roll.

Neosport is a sports sole covering material that consists of neoprene, a pleasant shock absorber, with a thin laminated synthetic top layer. Its shock-absorbing properties make it one of the top upholstery materials for athletes. Due to the high rub resistance, Neosport also prevents blisters. It is available in blue/black and only available per plate.

5.Calf leather

The classic within orthopaedics, podiatry and podiatry when we talk about upholstery materials. Apart from EVA and synthetic upholstery, calfskin still remains one of the most commonly used covering materials. This luxurious-looking material is colourfast and has a high moisture absorption. Calfskin is a natural material and therefore often one of the favorites among patients. It is available in different colours, smooth or perforated.

At AFT we can supply most covering materials per sheet, mini-roll or pre-cut in your desired shape with or without logo. Customization is one of our services that makes us so unique as a supplier/producer for the orthopedics, podology and podiatry sector.

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