Sustainable business


Sustainable business
Sustainable business

Sustainable business

Sustainable entrepreneurship is on the rise. Almost every organization, from multinationals to small independent companies, feels the need to contribute to a better planet.

Sustainable business means that a company is aware of its pollution and takes action to minimize it. A common action is where a company creates new opportunities, profit or market by developing sustainable products or services.

How does AFT operate in a sustainable way?

  1. By applying ‘quick wins’

‘Quick wins’ are improvements that are visible, offer immediate benefits and can be implemented quickly. Any company can apply these things quickly, easily and cheaply that yields a quick return. Think of the use of energy-saving lamps or LED lighting. But also printing as little information as possible. That is why we have switched to digital invoicing for several years, which means that the purchase of printing paper has been halved in 3 years’ time.

  1. Fleet

During the 2021 corona crisis, we installed solar panels and an electric charging station. This way we can provide our future electric cars and the cars of our entire industrial zone with our own sustainable energy. Do you want to take your company one step further? Then encourage your employees to travel to work by public transport, on foot or by bicycle.

  1. Packaging

Our ecological packaging is made from 70% recycled cardboard. We also analyse the reasons for returns to avoid unnecessary CO2 emissions.

  1. Sustainable material – NovaCad 100% recycled

Finding a sustainable product within the orthopaedics and podiatry sector is not easy. We are therefore very proud that we have developed a 100% recycled EVA together with our supplier, namely our NovaCad. Curious about our product? Then be sure to contact us!

  1. Waste recovery – sustainable service

In our sector we deal with a huge amount of waste that was previously simply incinerated with all the bad consequences for the environment. We have started a pilot project since 2022 so that our EVA production waste, as well as from some customers (test), is recycled again and reused as new raw materials. We are also looking at the possibilities of how we can recover all waste from our customers in an ecologically and economically responsible manner. This will be one of our challenges this year that we have put our teeth into. We will keep you informed of the result!

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