Limit increasing energy costs by optimizing grinding machines and dust extraction units


Schuurmachine en centrale afzuiging

Limit increasing energy costs

It is no surprise to explain you we are also facing higher energy costs in our industry. That is why it is important to use this energy as efficient as possible in order to limit these price increases. In a lot of orthopedic workshops or central labs for podiatry this is a challenge with old machinery such as grinding machines and dust extraction units. In many of these workshops machinery will work at its full power and capacity while this should not be the case if you are only needing a part of this capacity.

Optimization and energy efficient

Since many years AFT International is offering our clients an optimization of their systems. Thanks to our smart frequency controllers the central dust extraction unit will only work at the capacity which is needed at that specific moment in the workshop.  When you are for example having several different machinery which are all connected to one central dust extraction unit, it will only work at a limited power capacity which is exactly needed at that moment. For every machine which will be switched on at the same moment the frequency controller will automatically tell the dust extraction unit to increase its power and off course decrease when machines will be switched off.

Choose an reliable partner

The last couple of years we have installed a lot of these energy saving systems in many existing or new workshops. Furthermore it does not mean that it always need to be a complete new workshop or machinery. We can also you adjust and modify your existing grinding machines in order to connect them to a central dust extraction unit.

More efficient energy use through 1 central dust extraction unit

Besides the fact that it could save you a lot of energy and money, it is much more user friendly to work with 1 central dust extraction unit. You only need to empty 1 dust bag instead of multiple. Our Dust extraction units can be easily installed within the same room thanks to our efficient noise reduction components.

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